Kado was started in November 2011 to provide income to struggling women in Port Au Prince Haiti. Most of the Kado ladies are single moms, and some of them lost their homes in the 2010 earthquake. All of them are struggling with poverty. Through Kado and the selling of handcrafted gifts the women are not only providing food, schooling, and healthcare for their families, but are also learning life skills; to better manage and grow what little they have to survive. 


Each piece of Kado jewelry is made from a combination of recycled materials (usually cereal boxes) and glass beads or semi precious stones.  Each piece of Kado jewelry comes with a tag showing a photo and story of the Kado lady who made it and most come with a section of the cereal box used to make the paper beads.


5 afternoons a week the Kado ladies come together at the Kado compound in Port Au Prince and create beautiful art to support themselves and their children. 


All proceeds from these sales go directly into the Kado fund for supplying houses and the needs of the women. 


Kado is the most beautiful way to change a life!


We hope that we can continue to expand to help even more women, and create stunning pieces, have fun, and continue to provide assistance to many other Haitian families in need.